Me Kickin' Ass

Jeff Cohen was born to be an artist. From a young age, he was always interested in creating. He has been drawing since he was 5 years old and has gone from crayons to Adobe Creative Suite. When he was 12 he created his first comic book with his brother Ben. He continued drawing and creating characters throughout his teenage years. In addition to his art, he also became interested in music, started playing guitar at 14 and, shortly there after, joined a garage band.

Unfortunately, when he was 18 he buckled under the pressure of parents and guidance counselors and decided not to pursue art as a career. Instead, he went to Temple University for Occupational Therapy. This was a distant second choice but something he felt he could do well. He graduated from a difficult curriculum at the top of his class and soon got a job as an OT. After working in the medical field for 2 years he decided it was not something he wanted to do anymore and he should have listened to his instincts from day one. He then went back to school for Graphic Design.

Jeff has been working as a Graphic Designer for 10 years now and is much happier with his choice. In that time he has also revisited his old comic book creations and revived his character "Dinoman." He now continues to work as a Graphic Designer, musician and comic book artist.